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What is Violence-Gynecobstetrics (VGO)?

The impressive Chilean scenario

In the survey carried out by the Colectiva Contra la Violencia Ginecológica y Obstétrica, which collects data from women during the years 2019 and 2020, it concludes that 67% of the participants believe they have suffered gynecological violence and 79% obstetric violence.

The Adriana Law project, which is currently being discussed in the Chilean Senate, defines VGO as "all psychological, physical or sexual abuse or aggression, omission, discrimination or unjustified denial that occurs during pregnancy care, gestational or perinatal death , prepartum, childbirth, postpartum or abortion on the grounds established by law, and in the framework of sexual and reproductive health care for women or other pregnant persons"

It is not a fashion. It is gender violence, a violation of Human Rights.

The presence of this type of violence has a long past in our country, as demonstrated by the study carried out by the Observatory of Obstetric Violence of Chile (OVO-Chile) which, in an analysis of 11,054 women, observed that there are practices of Gynecological Violence and Obstetrics that have been increasing at least from 1970 to 2017, the review period covered by the study.

In the intervention of Consuelo Contreras, Director of the National Institute of Human Rights of Chile, in the Women's and Gender Equality Commission on November 29, she makes a reference to the long list of Human Rights Treaties and Conventions for the eradication of violence against women that Chile has accepted and signed without reservations, committing itself to the protection of women, girls and adolescents and all the people who are under their guardianship, where it also declares that "in the framework of practices regarding violence obstetrics various human rights are violated: Right to Health, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Life Free of Violence, Non-Discrimination, Physical and Mental Integrity"

Do you think you have been a victim of VGO? We accompany you.

Madre nativa has a support program for women and people seeking information, reparation or support in their self-perception as victims of VGO in Arica. This support consists of accompanying the process of searching for evidence, guidance to find a legal team or referral to mental health professionals who are specialized in the subject.

Don't know how to start? Start here:

We want to support you and we make available the knowledge, experience and tools that we have developed as activists for these difficult times. Tell us your story and what you expect to receive from us at the following link:

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